Top Corporate Entertainer: 
Johnny Porrazzo

Johnny has over 30 years experience as a corporate entertainer.  He is in high demand for corporate events such as honors dinners, benefit galas, and corporate trainings.  As featured entertainer for Fortune 500 companies worldwide, Johnny has become a favorite among companies citing his musical talent, entertaining style, and great sense of humor.  The audiences he’s performed for have requested numerous repeat appearances from this veteran corporate entertainer.

However, being a corporate entertainer isn’t the only thing he does.  He provides musical entertainment during cocktail hours and dinner hours, but he is also an accomplished emcee.  Johnny has hosted shows not only for corporate events, but for large tradeshows, conventions, and state pageants for the Miss USA/Miss Universe organization.  So, he can work a live audience, but how is he on camera?

Johnny has appeared on multitudes of televised shows.  For many years, he was the emcee for the Miss Ohio and Miss Pennsylvania scholarship pageants.  Both shows were broadcast live on statewide television.  Not only did he emcee the show, but he also wrote his own script and coordinated with the rest of the production team for dozens of successful broadcasts.

Here are a few quotes from some of the folks Johnny has worked with over the years as a corporate entertainer:

“I won’t have an event without Johnny.  For the past 15 years, Johnny and I have worked together on a major fundraising gala for the Autism Society of Atlanta.  Our audiences love his music, his style, his sense of humor.  To them, he’s like a best friend from college that you can’t wait to see every year.  I would hate to think of the donors we might lose if Johnny stopped playing at our event!”
— Fred Abeles, Atlanta, Georgia.

“Johnny Porrazzo is quite possibly the most amazing corporate entertainer there is.  I have known and worked with him for over 20 years.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with him as a corporate trainer and not only does he entertain with music, but he leaves the audience in stitches.  Who else can do that?  I mean, other than me?” 
— Manny Oliveira, comedian.

“We've worked with Johnny since the inception of our corporate comedy troupe back in 1993.  He truly is our 'fifth Beatle'.  As we improvise our scenes onstage, he jumps in with some of the most amazing improvised musical support you could imagine.  He's also dazzled audiences with his own musical performances as an opening act for us, or sometimes, we've opened for him!  Johnny is a true pro, able to handle whatever is thrown at him with grace and brilliance.  I highly recommend him to companies looking for a great musical entertainer!” 
— Tommy Housworth, Owner, 7 Course Communications

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