Johnny Porrazzo:  PAGEANT EMCEE

As a pageant emcee, Johnny Porrazzo is at his finest.  From performing as featured entertainer, to hosting preliminary and final competitions, to consulting with state directors on how to run the production of their pageant shows, Johnny is a much sought-after pageant emcee.

For over 15 years Johnny was the television face of the Miss Ohio and Miss Pennsylvania scholarship pageants.  A native of Ohio, he started there as featured entertainer and after a few short years, he was hired as pageant emcee.  Over the years he was pageant emcee, television ratings and ticket sales to the preliminary and final pageant nights increased steadily.  Johnny crowned a number of more famous contestants, among them is Headline News’ Robin Meade as Miss Ohio 1992.

Later, Johnny was hired as pageant emcee for a number of state preliminary pageants in the Miss USA/Miss Universe system.  Currently, he hosts the Miss Indiana, Miss Pennsylvania and Miss West Virginia USA and Teen USA pageants.

Johnny’s work as a pageant emcee has brought him numerous accolades.

“I can’t imagine how I ever did this without Johnny.  It’s like he’s always been here and always will be.  He’s performed at my pageants for the past 15 years and we’ve worked together as a team the entire time.  He’s so much more than just a pageant emcee. Not only has he been an integral part of the production team, but I consult with him on many other business matters related to the entire organization.  I haven’t counted, but I think he’s crowned more queens than Bert Parks!” 
—Randy Sanders, state director for Miss Indiana, Pennsylvania and West Virginia USA and Teen USA pageants.

Being a pageant emcee isn’t the only thing he does.  Johnny has hosted shows not only for pageants, but for corporate events, large tradeshows, conventions, and corporate training events.  So, he can work a live audience, but how is he on camera?

Johnny has appeared on multitudes of televised shows.  For many years, he was the emcee for the Miss Ohio and Miss Pennsylvania scholarship pageants.  Both shows were broadcast live on statewide television.  Not only did he emcee the show, but he also wrote his own script and coordinated with the rest of the production team for dozens of successful broadcasts.

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