Your Search for a Record Producer is Over!

The job of a record producer is that of project manager, creative director, songwriter, therapist, clairvoyant, mom, and magic genie all rolled into one.

It’s always been a challenge for artists to find a record producer no matter how long they’ve been in the industry.  Being able to work with a record producer with expert creativity, skill, and unmatched integrity is like a dream come true for any artist. With over 30 years experience as a recording artist, stage performer and corporate entertainer, Johnny Porrazzo is now in high demand for his expertise as a record producer.

“When I went out to look for a record producer, it was tough,” says gospel industry icon, Don Abraham.  I needed someone that I could connect with as an artist and that I could trust as a business person.  Johnny works diligently to get me everything I need with regard to musicians, backup singers, and awesome studio space.  He has even arranged a number of the songs we’ve recorded.  I can’t imagine having a better partner and friend as my record producer.”

Johnny’s philosophy as a record producer is simple:  Stay organized and keep cool.  “After you’ve found the right record producer who has the right amount of talent and business sense, you as an artist have to place your trust in them 110%.  By doing that, you can perform at your peak.  Fewer takes mean you get to save your chops and your dough,” Johnny says.

And he should know.  He’s been in the business over 30 years, has been his own record producer along with providing back up vocals for dozens of others.

According to Ken Gregory, head engineer of 800 East recording studio, “I’ve worked with record producer after record producer in just about any musical genre you can imagine, and Johnny blows them all away.  He is totally hands on, can put together tight arrangements, and has the ability to make you love your job no matter if you’re a backup singer, a session player or the engineer.  So, if you’re ready to find a record producer for your next project, go get Johnny.  Today.”

Finding a record producer isn’t a difficult process and it can go your way.  Just contact Johnny.  

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