Johnny Porrazzo as a Songwriter

Johnny Porrazzo is the songwriter’s songwriter.   Over the span of his career, he has worked with other artists on collaborations and has produced hundreds of his own compositions.  He is known by his colleagues as a songwriter of high creativity, thoughtfulness, and a deep resource of musical knowledge.

For a bit more background, let’s go back to his songwriter roots.  When Johnny started his career over 30 years ago, he started singing and playing piano in church.  He joined a local gospel group and discovered that not only could singing and playing be a career, but he was a talented songwriter as well.

A songwriter will generally perform their own songs and some only write songs to sell them for publication.  Johnny’s focus has always been on matching the song to the singer.  When he sits down to write, the message of the song is always there, but a large part of his creative songwriter process is on who will be singing the song.

Because he has worked on so many songwriter collaborations with performers and musicians over the course of his career as a songwriter, his ability to develop music and the perfect, compelling lyrics that go with it, is nothing short of phenomenal.

He also takes the main instrument of the song into consideration.  If the singer is a piano player, he writes it for piano with plans to overdub the other instruments.  This puts him at a definite advantage over any other songwriter.  Because, as a songwriter, he can “hear” many different instruments, write the music for them, then weave the lyrics into the music.  Experimentation is a large part of this process.

Another one of Johnny’s advantages as a songwriter is his ability to play many instruments and operate a studio.  This gives him the ability to write the music first then weave the words into the tune.  Experimentation along the way is simply part of the creative process.  To be a successful songwriter, many say one must have a strong foundation in music theory.  Johnny has this skill along with the innate ability to know where all the pieces go.  So, along with the creative process, including that good bit of songwriter experimentation, his collaborations are not only creative, but are efficiently produced.  Especially when it comes to being a songwriter who writes jingles.

As a songwriter, one of Johnny’s greatest talents is writing advertising jingles.  With Fortune 500 companies heading the list of clients for whom he has written jingles, including the Anheuser-Busch company, Johnny has successfully put marketing messages into music and helped build successful brands. 
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